The Omnione Group of Pennsylvania

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The Omnione Group of Pennsylvania was founded in Butler, PA in 2.016.

Our mission
is to provide innovative, quality products that improve the lives of individuals living with disabilities.

    1. The Vision of The Omnione Group of Pennsylvania is to improve the mobility of people with disabilities through innovative products. In doing so, our products will improve the “Quality of life” enjoyed by the people who use our products every day. To become a leader in the accessories rehabilitation power wheelchairs industry.

Our Story
Mr. Jan Fisher, Sr the Founder of The OmniOne Group of Pa while undergoing rehabilitation for a major back surgery in 2013 was approached by a woman in her electric wheelchair.  She shared a frightening story about how, while crossing a busy street in downtown Pittsburgh, PA in a thunderstorm, her wheelchair became inoperable.  She was left stranded in the middle of the street.  Since she is totally dependent on her wheelchair for mobility she was trapped in the middle of this busy intersection until someone came to move her to safety.  It was determined the cause of the failure was due to the rain entering the electric control panel.  This resulted in a short-circuit that made the wheelchair inoperable.  At the time of the failure, the woman was using a plastic shopping bag to protect the control panel because there were no reliable covers available.
Touched by her story, Mr. Fisher spent years researching and has now developed a permanent solution for this problem.  He then applied for a patent.  On February 5, 2017 Mr. Fisher received his patent and was approved by the FDA.
With a deep heartfelt appreciation, Mr. Fisher would like to present to you the creation of "The Wheelchair Buddy" electric wheelchair joystick control box cover.  We are currently working on a few new products for disabled citizens so stay in touch.